Therapeutic Exercises in Las Vegas NV

low back pain relief with chiropractic care

Strengthening and conditioning our muscles in turn strengthens our skeletal system. When our patients routinely experience pain, therapeutic exercises can help in the long term. We walk our patients in Las Vegas NV through specific exercises to help condition their core, reducing the chances of injury and increasing recovery time.

Pain is Weakness Leaving Your Body in Las Vegas NV

The sedentary lifestyle many people engage in today is considered the primary source of the most common issues people experience. This includes lower back pain, minor injury with prolonged pain, and reinjury after seemingly minor trauma. Once patients recondition their bodies, strengthening their core, and moving more often, many patients see improvement.

Common Exercises for Back Pain Relief

You will never believe this more as you monitor your increased health through therapeutic exercises. Initially, most patients experience mild discomfort as they are working muscle groups that have been at rest and may be somewhat in a state of atrophy. This is exactly what we are referring to when we say that this "pain is weakness leaving your body." The more you do the work your doctor recommends, the stronger you will become.

Common therapeutic exercises we may recommend have a variety of factors and contingencies. In some instances, we may ask our patients only to perform them under medical supervision, due to the risk of injury or reinjury. Be sure to consult a physician prior to performing any of these exercises.

Cobra Stretch:
Lie flat on your chest with your arms and hands on either side of your chest. If you look like you could complete a push-up, you are doing it right. Press up, but keep your feet planted firmly on the floor. As you press into your hands, push your upper body, from your chest to your head, upward. Hold this pose for two complete breaths before gently lowering yourself. Repeat this 10 times.

Child's Pose:
No other exercise can open up your lower back like the child's pose can. It's one of the easiest stretches to perform at home. Simply kneel on a mat, sit on your heels, and bend forward with your arms extended in front of you. Rest your head on the floor and enjoy the relief that follows. Every few breaths pull your arms back end and return to a seated position, then return to child pose, and repeat 10 times.

Toe Touches:
If your lower back really needs a stretch try touching your toes. Toe-touches can be ideal for those days when your lower back really needs a good stretch. Make sure you have plenty of space before you begin. Then, stand up straight and extend your arms straight up over your head. With your arms stretched overhead, bend slightly backward till you feel a push in your lower back, and then bend forward and down to touch your toes. Hold this position for two exhales. If you can't reach your toes, stretch as far as you can. Over time this stretch will improve. Repeat this slowly ten times.

*Each patient is different, and a routine should be discussed with your doctor prior to beginning any exercise or workout routine.


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